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Monday, February 24, 2014

Sarah's Story

CLEAN Eating can be challenging, and will require lifestyle changes. These changes can be overwhelming at times in the present moment, but the reward of health is the ultimate prize. As I was brain storming for The Clean Eating Challenge, my mind was flooded with ideas and thoughts, and quickly one person came to mind. Sarah. Sarah is a friend from High School that I have had the opportunity to watch transform through Clean Eating, Exercise, and Hard Work. I knew I had to ask her to share her experience. So Sarah so kindly answered questions I had for her, that I hoped would help you with your own Clean Eating Journey!

Here is Sarah's Inspiring Transformation. 
190lbs to 145lbs!!!
1. What inspired you, or made you decide to start "Eating Clean?"
"I was always overweight in high school and when I got to college I gained more weight. I went through periods where I would “diet” and exercise (all cardio) and lose about 10-20 pounds but then would gain it right back. After I graduated college and became an RN, reality hit me. How could I advocate a healthy lifestyle while not living one myself? I started “eating clean” in October of 2012 and lost 15-20 pounds in that month before I started going to the gym in November of that year."
2. What were some of the first changes that you noticed after you started eating more whole foods, and less processed?
"I took progress pictures and looking back I am so glad I did. It helped me to see small changes I probably wouldn't have noticed otherwise. I focused more on how my clothes fit, not the number on the scale. I also had more energy and a better mood!"
3. What are some of your staple food items that you always have on hand?
"Fresh fruits, vegetables and almonds because they are quick to grab when I’m on the go."
 4. What was your first month of "clean eating" like, and how well did you follow it?
"The first month I stuck to it mostly 100% because I was so eager to see results. It was really hard, but once I started feeling better and got results through the sugar detox it got easier. Studies show that sugar is comparable to drug additions and I completely agree. The longer I stuck to clean eating and said no to processed foods, I noticed my cravings became less. It's a process, but definitely worth it." 
5. What has been your biggest challenge throughout your "clean eating" journey, and how have you overcome it?
"My biggest challenge has been overcoming stress/binge-eating. I also travel a lot and this makes it difficult to stick to a clean diet. I do the best I can and get right back to it when I'm home."
6. Has your view of food and exercise changed at all? If so, how?
"Definitely. I always thought to lose weight I needed to do a “low-calorie” “low-fat” “low-carb” diet and do endless hours of cardio. I now know that it is more important to eat the right foods that may be higher calorie and to eat healthy fats and complex carbs to fuel my muscles. In the gym I focus more on weight training than cardio."
7. Any tips, favorite websites, or advice for someone just starting to “eat clean?”
"Social media has been my biggest influence in this journey. I follow countless fitness and nutrition Instagrams. From these, I find many recipes that help make clean eating fun and taste good! Clean eating doesn’t have to be boring. My biggest advice is to set a goal for yourself and when you hit that goal set a new one."
8. Lastly, what has been your key to success?
"Reminding myself where I started. I have fallen off track and taken steps backward throughout my journey. It happens. I’m human. But I remember that it’s a lifestyle change and I feel so much healthier and happier when I eat clean and exercise!"
I hope you found her as inspiring as I have! Thank you again, Sarah, for allowing me to share your awesome success!! 

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