"Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food" -Hippocrates

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Love URself-Care for UR Heart

"According to the American Heart Association, nearly 871,000 Americans died of Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) in 2004--a number that represents 36% of all deaths during that year...Overall, $300 B-I-L-L-I-O-N is spent on CVD-related healthcare expenses, medications, and lost work time."
-Exercise For Special Populations, By: Peggie Williamson

*After recently reading this in my textbook, I can't say that I wasn't shocked seeing these statistics even though I am well aware of this issue.

*It is sad to me that nearly 36% of the population is dying from a disease that can so easily be prevented. Unfortunately, what I have been challenged with is that what I see as easy is a struggle for so many. I guess this is where education, understanding, and challenging others comes into play :)

{So that's a small little blurb...I don't want to write a book, which can happen before i know it haha...}

Here are MY thoughts:
-Heart disease develops OVERTIME. So DONT think that what you are eating now and filling your body with will not effect you in the future...because those steaks and hamburgers may taste splendid...but they add up and are slowly clogging those precious arteries supplying blood to your heart...which in case you didn't know..keeps you alive ;)
-Try increasing Vegetables and Fruits in your diet by just adding 1 of each to your diet each week until you reach at least 5 of each. 
       *When you buy it...prepare it if you can...the more you let it sit in the fridge or on the counter, the longer you will avoid it. As soon as you get home wash it, cut it up, and place it in a baggy so you can grab it quickly.

-Reduce SODIUM..try to buy reduced sodium products...start to decrease the amount you add to your foods little by little. our country LOVES sodium...so the change will be gradual, but eventually those taste buds will adjust and those salty foods will soon be too salty for you :)

-Get M-O-V-I-N-G...
      *find the furthest spot in the lot, rather than the closet to get a few extra steps in. 
      *take the stairs
      *add a family walk twice a week
      *go for a bike ride and look at the pretty leaves before they all fall
      *25 jumping jacks when you wake up each morning
      *use commercial breaks as exercise breaks..before you know if you've done 5 sets of exercises (check out my circuits for examples)

Final note: 
Take CaRe of YoUrSeLf. 
Little Steps will lead to BIG ImProVements :)

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