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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Lunges of All kinds!

In one of my classes we started to talk about various exercises, and one that we came to were lunges. Then, I realized just how many ways that you can complete lunges that can be really beneficial

First off, lunges are great because they really do not require any extra equipment, so if you do not have anything at home....then there is no need to worry.

Here are the different styles:
*BEFORE YOU START....make sure that whenever you lunge that you do not allow your knee to go past your front toes. Going past your toes puts a large amount of stress on your knee joint (patellar tendon in particular).
*Make sure knee does not touch the floor--this allows for rest, which starts a new contraction.

*Click on the Lunge to view a picture*

   A. Alternating-staying in place,step out to the front with your Right leg, come back together, then step out with the left. (1st try without weight, add hand weights if you have any, or just increase #) 5/leg-2x, 8/leg-2x, so on.
   B. Walking- same as alternating, but with walking
   C. One-sided-stationary lunges, step forward with your Right foot, lunge down...and come directly up without stepping your feet back together. Complete your desired # on the Right side, step together, and repeat on Left side.
2. Reverse Lunge-these can be completed in all forms that were mentioned with the forward lunge...just step backwards into the lunge instead of forward.
3. Side Lunge- You can leave your toe facing forward or out to the side. Make sure your knee does not push over your toes.
4. Clock Lunges- Combine forward, side, and reverse. 12 o'clock (Forward), 3 o'clock (Side), 6 o'clock (Reverse), and so on. Go Clockwise and Counterclockwise, switch the leading leg.
5. Add Weights for difficulty
6. Step Lunges- Place one foot up on a step in front of your or behind. Make sure your knee doesn't touch the ground. This adds range of motion. Can be completed alternating, or sticking to one side then repeating on the opposite.

This should be enough for now..
Throw 2 sets of these into your day at random spots. (walking around your house, in the bathroom stall, doing laundry, making dinner, etc.)

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